I create digital art., engaging packaging artwork., custom concepts and ideas.


I am a professional graphics designer and photographer with a diverse portfolio.

I provide great services and ideas

Krieg Design is an innovative graphic design studio working mainly but not solely for the music industry. Cosmas H. (founder of Krieg-design) is a digital artist/illustrator from Greece who has worked with various clients from all over the globe and his work has been featured in branded magazines/websites of the digital art community.


CD/DVD Artwork

Design & layout for musicians and artists ranging from soft rock to extreme metal music.

Book Cover Design

Whether you’re a new writer or a world-class award-winning author.

Merch & apparel

Tour-event posters, branding and pretty much all kind of graphic design services.


A small sample of my work over the years.


You can contact me using any of the following ways.